Roblox Cheats for Robux and Tix

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building-blocks-of-robloxRoblox is an online game and virtual community created for older children. In case you’re wondering, “Roblox” is a combination of the words “robots” and “blocks.” The website is designed to be a game creation platform, where players build games using blocks of various materials, like virtual Lego. Builders use a sandboxed version of scripting language Lua 5.1 to design their games.

Roblox is similar to other gaming sites in its use of virtual currency called Robux (main currency) and Tickets or Tix (secondary currency). Robux is used to do and get everything cool in the Roblox world including creating avatars, purchasing gear and clothing and building virtual places. Although you can probably get Robux using cheats and hacks, you’re also likely to get banned from the game. There is Robux to be made in Roblox, and it’s more fun to do it the hard way.

Roblox Cheats for Robux – Currency Exchange Trading

You can’t get very far without money in real life, and this also applies to the world of Roblox. To get more Robux, do it like the sharks: Invest. Bright kids new to Roblox would be fascinated by the intricacies of the Currency Exchange feature. It’s like Forex trading. But you don’t have to be a genius to start making money. Trading is pretty simple; you just have to learn the basics of supply and demand.

Let’s start with the ins and outs of almighty Robux. The price of one Robux changes each time a trade occurs. When a lot of players want to have Robux instead of Tix (high demand), the value of the Robux shoots up. When players want Tix instead of Robux (low demand), the value of Robux drops. To capitalize (make money) on this fluctuation, change Tix into Robux when Robux demand is low and change Robux into Tix when demand is high.

Let’s say one Robux is currently equal to 5 Tix (just an example). Pretty much low demand, so Player ABC decides to trade all his Tix into Robux. Player ABC trades in 100 Tix and gets 20 Robux. Not bad, but ABC wants to make more. So he waits until the Robux value gets higher, say when one Robux = 10 Tix. He gets the 20 Robux he made previously and turns it into Tix. ABC ends up with 200 Tix, double the amount he originally had. ABC waits for the Robux value to go down again, say 1 Robux = 8 Tix this time. 200 Tix becomes 25 Robux. Sweet! Rinse and repeat to make more Robux. Just don’t let greed get the best of you or you may end up losing all your money.

Getting Limited Edition Hats

Buying limited edition hats is gravy compared to trading. Limited edition hats are collector’s items, meaning the rarer they are, the more money they are worth. Follow one rule: the less hats available, the more earning potential. Look for hats that are likely to be collectibles. It’s possible to buy rare hats for 7 Robux and then sell them for 2,500 Robux. And that’s just the starting price. There are some important things to remember when profiting from limited edition hats. You need to pay 10% tax for every item you sell, so when you sell a hat, make sure your price covers the tax. If you purchased a hat for 100 Robux, sell it for more than 120 Robux.


Tips for Getting Lots of Roblox Tix

Tix or Roblox Tix is a secondary Roblox currency. Like Robux, Tix can be used to buy items in the Roblox catalog like faces, clothes, accessories and furniture for your Roblox place. Tix are easier to earn than Robux and there are many ways to do so. The first method is simply logging in on a regular basis. By regular basis, we mean daily. Every day you log in you earn 10 Tix. Not much, but if you don’t spend it you’ll have a stockpile in no time.

Another way to earn Roblox Tix is to build a place. But not just a place; make it as happening as you can. You earn one Ticket for every visitor, so if your place is popular, you can earn thousands of Tix daily. You won’t get that much in the beginning, but keep at it and you’ll see results. You can also trade Robux for more tickets if you’re the type who likes Tix more. Just click “Trade Currency” on the main Roblox page, enter the number of Tix you want, and choose “Robux” as trade type. Finally, click the “Submit Trade” button.

You can also make Tix by selling items from your “My Stuff” page. If you have a surplus of items, selling is a great way to get rid of some of them. Go to My Stuff, and click “Configure this (item name).” Choose the option to sell the items and select “Tix or Tickets” as currency. Joining contests is another way to earn Tix. Roblox always has one contest or other up and running. Visit the contests page to enter, where the mechanics and the prizes are displayed.